Headband Chef

Brand Identity
Web Design
& Copy
w/ Studio Millie
The Headband Chef is led by its namesake; a 90s-loving, neon-clad, headband-wearing chef. This team reached was after the full shebang - name, visual identity, web, and copywriting - as they transitioned the brand from a small catering business to one that would be flinging their signature chip chicken on frozen food aisles worldwide. We knew the brand had to reflect this larger-than-life personality.

The wordmark has a handmade, stamped quality, paired with the handwritten ‘chef’ which speaks to the personal nature of the brand as clients quite literally invite this brand into their homes for dinner parties. The bold neon palette defies gender and injects an electric energy needed to stand out on grocery store shelves the world over.

A slew of illustrations round out the visual identity, including but not limited to our favourite 90s memorabilia (complete with a rubber chicken), chef staples, and the man-to-chicken-transformation gif. We’ve peppered these through the online, analog, and patterned assets.