Pattern Design
Custom Waffle Iron
w/ Studio Millie
Demetres, a staple in the sweet-tooth community of Toronto, looked to us to add an extra dollop of high-calorie joy to their packaging.

The palette build-out was a modern interpretation of the retro Demetres logo colours, meant to call to mind childhood birthdays past and the pop of a confetti cannon.  We made sure each colour worked in cohesion with Demetres’ rich cherry red, making the whole palette, not only joyful but delicious and tempting.

We took a similarly no-holds-barred approach to pattern creation, incorporating the iconic Demetres cherry into a suite of geometric patterns created for infinite variability. With an endless list of pints, packaging assets, and more stretching into the horizon, it was important that the pattern suite too was inexhaustible.

The cherry on top? A custom-designed waffle crown pattern.