Black Tusk

Brand Identity
Web Design
& Copy
w/ Studio Millie
Black Tusk Recruitment are expert connectors in the tech recruiting space who were in search of visual identity, web design, and copywriting expertise.

Created with the team at Studio Millie, The new brand pulls elements from both the natural and digital worlds, with an icon logomark that uses geometric forms to suggest the head of an elephant, and a bold, blocky typeface standing pixel-perfect and proud. The new pattern expands the logo mark into a network of smaller squares, representing both the ‘cloud’ in cloud recruiting as well as the more obvious pixelation associated with a digital business.

The website conveys confidence, modernity, and a sense that you are different from the ‘old guard.’ A custom icon suite visualizes Black Tusk’s unique value set and strengths while blending the tech and recruitment spaces that the brand encompasses. The copy - friendly, professional and assured - gets right to the point, thoroughly showcasing Black Tusk’s unparalleled personality in short snippets throughout.